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Working with D.Scott and his team at Game Center Group was a real pleasure. Their knowledge of the games industry, great value proposition and commitment to excellence made them a valuable partner for me at Cryptic Studios. I would definitely hire Game Center Group again
Gary CatalanoCryptic Studios

About Us

Customer Support Networks
Customer Support Networks is a subsidiary of  Game Center Group;  and is proud to offer US based outsource BPO services for a fraction of what the competition charges. Game Center Group has been providing turn-key CRM solutions to the video game vertical for many years and touts some of the biggest names in the demanding video game industry as their current and past clientèle. Customer Support Networks brings the same high quality, low cost turn-key solutions to the software, financial services and medical industry verticals. No process is too small or too complex for us.


Companies like Atari, THQ and Evernote are just a few of our well known clients that enjoy our services today. We operate on the notion that simpler is better and WYSIWYG in terms of our contracts and service offerings. We will never nickel and dime you with extra charges or hidden costs. We believe that offering a turn-key solution that includes tools, knowledge-base creation and low cost, high quality labor is what sets up apart from the competition.


Customer Support Networks is proud to offer SupportCloud™.  Our hosted CRM solution that includes customer support ticketing, live chat, telephony, knowledge-base, trouble-shooter and much, much more. SupportCloud™ is much more than just the pieces to the CRM puzzle; it also includes around the clock monitoring, regular back-ups and maintenance of your support instance; all hosted and managed by us, directed by you.  Check out the different implementations of SupportCloud™ for yourself:


Atari Customer Support


WWE Demo Site


Ninja Stars Online Demo Site


Need a Facebook support solution for your page or application? No problem, we can apply any look and feel to the SupportCloud™ engine for a seamless integration. Need live chat for a few hours a day or want live telephone queues for a PR campaign? No problem! We have even built custom pass through authentication schema’s that allow your customers one click registration using their Facebook credentials.


CSN’s state-of-the-art datacenters are connected to the Internet via redundant Gigabit fiber connections that enter each of our facilities through diverse pathways. Our bandwidth providers bandwidth is provided via multiple Tier 1 upstream providers. Currently, our bandwidth blend includes Level3, AT&T, Cogent and Cox. Our network traffic is routed to each of these Tier 1 upstream providers using the latest BGP4 routing techniques. This configuration assures that your servers always have access to blazing fast Internet access, and that outages due to local construction, individual upstream providers issues, etc. are virtually eliminated.


World class software testing and quality assurance services
Customer Support Networks is proud to offer software and web quality assurance testing services. We cut our teeth in the demanding online video game world and understand the QA process intimately. Need test plans? How about ensuring your French localized website is translated properly? No job is too small or too big for Customer Support Networks. So come on, what are you waiting for, give us a call today and let us customize a program that’s right for you.


We believe that turn-key is more than just a slogan. It means the client enjoys a peace of mind knowing that this very important part of their business is being handled by professionals who care as much as they do. It means that if problems arise, we, as a company are responsive and get things done with zero run-around.


 We are Customer Support Networks